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Thursday, July 19, 2012

before Pinterest...

before pinterest I'm a pinner. I could be considered a pin-aholic. Pinterest is a huge time-suck for me. I was a pinner before there was a Pinterest, it's true. I got this nifty little folio from my aunt and began naming the different sections with things I loved that I saw in magazines or online. My collection grew and grew. before pinterest boards Here's one of my old school "boards". I'm not a typical gift giver. I hate giving gift cards (almost refuse to do it!) but instead love to make things for others or visit the amazing Etsy. I tend to be finicky, wanting a person's gift to be perfect for them, so sometimes I can shop forever. I love getting the reaction, "Where did you find that?" or "Oh, I'd never thought of that!". It's funny because some of my relatives will now say, "Let me guess, you got this from Pinterest!". I love it. Pinterest is not a good site for someone like me! Seriously, when the boys are in bed, I'm up late at night relaxing with a little Netflix and Pinterest. Thank heavens for two computer screens! Pinterest up on one and Netflix on the other. Recently, stand up comedies have been popular for me. Gotta love a little Ralphie May... Looking for gifts on Pinterest is fun, but so is looking for new ideas, recipes, etc... You know what kind of stinks though? Everyone is on Pinterest now. So, those neat original ideas aren't really neat and original now! :) You know the pins I'm talking about... Like projects that have been done over and over... You know those first pins you put on Pinterest and now you can't hit 'See More Pins' without seeing them? And, then there's the Pinterest guilt - which is calling someone out on something you THINK is from Pinterest and it really isn't - Like tonight, I went to a friend's 31 party. She made these appetizers. Before I could say, "These are great!" I didn't even attempt to give her credit, I just beamed at her and said, "Oh goodness! I saw these on Pinterest too! They're awesome!" Geez, Bri. Give the gal some credit! Turns out, she hadn't gotten them on Pinterest, she's actually made them since way before Pinterest. Wha? Life before Pinterest? Pinterest is kinda becoming a giant beast. :) Smash it. In other news, I just got this Smash book today! I've been wanting one for a while. Inside are nifty looking pages that you can basically journal on, plop pictures on, and creatively decorate. A glorified, messier scrapbook. Love it. This Smash book will be for me though. More about my feelings, my experiences, my marriage, my friends, etc... Gabe has a lot of albums. I'm looking forward to filling it with pages about me and bits and pieces of my life as a wife, sister, daughter, and friend. Lastly, and totally off topic, I am in love with this song right now. To many it's old, to me it's new... I don't get out much. Just listen to it... the video is kinda weird. Oh, and saw this Jason Mraz quote the other day and loved it: "Because I have (insert name here) for a friend, I know I'm awesome." Had to share that with my bestie this week.

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